Sunday, November 6, 2011

Allowing God to Take Control

Wow, I really can't believe I let a whole month go by without blogging once. October was a ridiculously busy month, and so much seemed to happen. First off, after many applications, phone calls and interviews, I was finally offered a job. I am now in the training process to become an official Starbucks barista! Commuting to NKU at least 5 times a week is not cheap, so it was definitely an answered prayer to get this job to help afford things like keeping my gas tank full. I also helped lead a youth worship night at First Church of Christ, began rehearsing with Union Baptist's choir to be in the Christmas musical, and I performed in my first NKU college choir concerts. Midterms went extremely well, and I am content with my grades I currently have in all of my classes.

Although I love all of the things I am doing, I often get extremely overwhelmed and stressed out. School, church, and work are very time consuming, and I often wonder if I will be able to handle everything. I have to remind myself daily, that even though times can get tough, "I can do all things, through Christ who gives me strength" (Philippians 4:13). Besides these three things, there is another thing I spend entirely too much time worrying about. Dating.
I have never had a serious boyfriend, and it is crazy how often people question me about this topic. Literally, at least once a week someone will ask me why I'm never in a relationship. People have even asked me if it's because I am against the idea completely. My answer is, of course not! But, I do have strong dating standards and morals that are very important to me, and I am not going to change them. I need someone who will help me to grow in my faith. Someone who I can grow closer to God with. One of my favorite quotes says, "A woman's heart should be so lost in God, that a man needs to seek Him in order to find her." And although I may think I should be with someone, it might just not be the right timing, or God may have something completely different planned for me.
I would love nothing more than to one day get married, adopt a child, and further God's Kingdom through singing/playing music for Him, going on mission trips, and serving through the community. But, I have to remind myself that God has a plan, and things will happen in His timing. It isn't something I need to worry about. Even though it is something I may think about daily, I have to simple pray about it, and know that God is in control.

I, along with other single young adults, must be reminded to view singleness as a gift from God. We should be using the time we have as single young men and women to grow in Christ. We have to remind ourselves daily to not misuse our time being single by wishing it away, or focusing on what what we think we need. We should be spending our time wisely by sharing The Gospel, and serving/loving others.

Songs: Lead Me-Sanctus Real; Letting Go-Francesca Battistelli 

Verses: Jeremiah 29:11; Corinthians 13:4-7

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